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News Flash!

Subject:   In House Sunday Services and all Programs Cancelled until further notice.  We will now hold Zoom Sunday Services and Programs .

I will be sending a Zoom Link out today for this service.  The link will be posted here and on our Facebook UBSC - Events Page


If you would like to be on our email list and receive Zoom Links of Services or Events that will be happening, please send your name and e-mail address to ebrodie@telus.net.  You will then be put on our mailout list each week.


25 - Speaker, Rev. Mary and her friends.

Please join us for this service.  It may be a bit of a surprise with Rev. Mary being joined by some of her friends.  Should be a great service.

Topic: Sunday Zoom Service - October 25

Time: Oct 25, 2020 09:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 813 2918 2950

Passcode: 770584


1, 2020 - Speaker, Rev. Lesley Prentis, SA

8, 2020 - Speaker, Janis Saparlo - This will be our Remembrance Day Service.  More details to follow.

15, 2020 - Speaker, Peter Ormsby, Associate Speaker, SA.

22, 2020 - Speaker, Deborah White.

29. 2020 - Speaker, Reger Colman.  More details to follow.


6, 2020 - Speaker, Rev. Melba Carlsen

13, 2020 - Speaker, Heather Nicholson (Moore)

 20, 2020 - Speaker, Rev. Mary, Candlelight Service.  More details to follow.

24, 2020 - Speaker, Rev. Mary

27, 2020 - Speaker, Rev. Mary

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rev. Mary at maryfreedom59@gmail.com

or Ellen at ebrodie@telus.net

Looking forward seeing you at these exciting events!


Donations: Thank you so much to those who have made and continue to make donations to the church. We are mindful of our expenses and spending wisely. Your contributions help so much, we receive them through Canada Helps, E-transfer, cheque and sometimes people come round to visit and drop a bit in the basket. May you all be blessed a thousand fold.

I am at the church on Friday’s at 2pm if you wish to drop in, or you can email, facebook message or call me at 778-574-8368.

Hugs…Rev. Mary

Send your Healing Requests to rev.maryubsc@gmail.com 


Rev. Mary Brooks – 778-574-8368

Rev. Glenda McLeod – 604-595-1284

News Flash!

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October 6, 2020


Dear Members:

            This is not an easy report to make because it is with sadness that I share that our Dear Rev. Emeritus Anna Beveridge’s health is in decline with a life-limiting condition.

            There is no time frame as to how this condition will progress, it may last for a few weeks to a few months. Its important for us to know that she is home with her loving family and with their support she will be there as long as possible.

            I know we all have benefited from Anna’s kindness, friendship, healing abilities and mentorship. As Minister of UBSC and as a dedicated instrument for the Spirit world Anna led the way in promoting Spiritualism and the power of Spiritual Healing.

            The church healers have been sending healing and will continue to do so for Anna so loves to receive all the love, kindness and healing energy sent her way. She has often remarked to me that she feels it around her and knows your thoughts are coming to her. Anna is thankful to all of you.

            There is an article on our Universal Brotherhood Spiritualist Church Facebook page with a message from Rev. Glenda McLeod with a lovely picture of Anna.

            You can send a card which she loves to receive. Let her know how you are doing and let her know she is in your thoughts and prayers. We can rejoice in the memories, stories and make new ones… If you usually phone Anna, we are asked to only do so after lunch as she tires easily, rests more and may too tired to take calls. That’s why cards are a great idea, they can surround her in our loving energy and remind her she is remembered and always in our hearts….


            Anna’s Home Address:

       Reverend Anna Beveridge

       206 Queens Ave,

       New Westminster, BC V3L 1J8


Glenda has met with Anna and daughter Linda who wishes to extend her thanks for all the healing prayers, thoughts, energy, loving kindness being sent at this time.

If you wish to talk or have any questions, please email or call.



Rev. Mary Brooks

Email: maryfreedom59@gmail.com   Ph. 778-574-8368


During this time that we are not able to attend the sanctuary the church still has to pay the bills and we are grateful for any donations.

If you feel that you would like to make a donation we have 3 different ways to help you out:

1. Canada Helps, you are on our website you will see a Donate Button and that will take you to Canada Helps. The charity name for the church is Universal Brotherhood Spiritualist Church. You will receive a tax receive from Canada Helps as soon as your donation has been deposited.

2. E-transfer, you can e-transfer a donation to ebrodie@telus.net. Ellen will deposit your donation into our bank account as soon as possible. You will receive a message from Ellen when the deposit has been made. If you are donating for the first time, please give Ellen your name and address, this will be forwarded to our Treasurer and you will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year.

3. By Cheque, you can either mail a cheque to:


486 E Columbia St

New Westminster BC V3L 3X5

There is someone in the church almost every day to pick the mail up. Another way is to join a small group of members that usually gather on a Friday afternoon at 2 pm. If you are interested in dropping a donation off at that time, please email Rev. Mary to make arrangements.

We also want to ensure that we are not taking money that people are relying on for food, rent or bills. If you cannot afford to make a donation at this time we understand you are still in our thoughts!

If you can afford to make a donation we will gratefully accept it with love.

Thank you so much to those who have made and continue to make donations to the church. We are mindful of our expenses and spending wisely.

May you all be blessed a thousand fold.

In love and light!


We depend on your donations!

Thank you for supporting us with CanadaHelps 

a nonprofit fund-raising organization which serves
Canadian charities & donors. 

486 East Columbia Street,  New Westminster,  BC  Canada V3L 3X5

The Western Spiritualist Church of Universal Brotherhood Society (UBSC) is Registered Canadian Charity BIN 892631045RR0001.

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