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Here is a lovely article from our friends in the UK, the SNU :


The Nature of Change

As winter is upon us it brings many changes, shorter days, colder weather and the stillness of the beauty of nature.  Life is full of changes and nature is evidence of that.  Changes in nature are automatic - the flowers, the plant life, the sky, the weather and the sea.  We need these changes in our life, and we need to allow progress to happen.


When we see so many changes around us day by day, why do we find it so hard to accept changes in our life? People are often afraid of changes and go along with their daily life unwilling to change.  Changes are vital to our 7th Principle ‘Eternal Progress Open to every Human Soul’; if we go along doing the same thing then we will get the same results, and we will not have learnt from any mistakes we make.  Not all changes are good you might say, and that can be true… but if you make a change and it is not successful you can learn from that and try again.


Our progress is within our own hands, we are responsible. No one else.  How wonderful it is to know that we decide on our path of progression; taking things at our own pace.  We can take things step by step achieving little goals, and sometimes never realising the progress we have made.

Sometimes changes are forced upon us and they may be the more difficult to accept, but they can also be the most rewarding when we realise that we have taken up that challenge and been successful.

Just as nature welcomes the many changes let us accept that we need changes to move forward and see what changes we can bring about to improve our life and the lives of those around us.


Minister June English

486 East Columbia Street,  New Westminster,  BC  Canada V3L 3X5

The Western Spiritualist Church of Universal Brotherhood Society (UBSC) is Registered Canadian Charity BIN 892631045RR0001.

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