About the UBSC


The Universal Brotherhood Spiritualist Church (UBSC) is a non-profit Spiritualist Church in the Sapperton neighbourhood of New Westminster, British Columbia. 

  • ​Sunday Church Services are held every Sunday morning at 10:00 am.  Spirit inspired readings, philosophy, demonstrations of mediumship, Spiritual Healing, meditation and singing to raise the energy, are included in each Sunday Service.  Refreshments "Toonies for Tea" and friendship are served following each service.  Everyone is welcome.

  • On various evenings during the year, UBSC presents workshops, mediumship demonstrations, open development circles, philosophy, or alternative healing presentations.  

  • Spiritual Healing is available at our Sunday services, as well as at our monthly Saturday Drop In Healing Clinics. There are no Saturday Healing Clinics in July, August, and September.

  • UBSC Ordained Ministers are registered in British Columbia to perform marriages. Other ministering or ceremonial services including baby naming, commitments, memorials, funerals, End of Life support, or dedications of all sorts, can be arranged upon request.

  • UBSC has the Provincial Authority to train and ordain Spiritualist Ministers, and to award Certificates of Spiritual Healing.

  • Popularly known as The Universal Brotherhood Spiritualist Church (UBSC), the Western Spiritualist Church of Universal Brotherhood Society was founded in March, 1981, by the late Reverend Mary Hietanen.


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What is Spiritualism...


​UBSC recognizes the Seven Principles of Spiritualism as presented through the mediumship of Emma Hardinge Britten (1823--1899) in a message from the spirit of social activist Robert Owen (1771--1858). 

  1. The fatherhood of God

  2. The brotherhood of man

  3. Communion of spirits and the ministry of angels

  4. The continuous existence of the human soul

  5. Personal responsibility

  6. Compensation and retribution for all the good and evil deeds done on earth

  7. Eternal progress open to every (human) soul


Spiritualism is a philosophy that supports a belief in a greater power called God or the Universal Consciousness.  Spiritualists believe that we, as souls, continue after the death of the physical body, and that our souls return to our true home in the spirit world, often called the afterlife.  Spiritualism is unique in believing that survival after death is provable through mediumship between the spirit and material worlds. 


Mediums are individuals who can bridge the gap between the spirit and the material worlds, bringing messages and impressions from the Other Side to the physical plane, bringing messages of love, and encouragement.


Healing is a sharing of the universal power of love.  The services, events, and workshops at UBSC allow you to learn about the communication between the spirit and material planes, expanding your horizons and challenging (or changing) the way in which you view yourself and the world around you.

For further information about Spiritualism, please contact our Ministers via :



411 12248 224 Street, Maple Ridge, BC  Canada V2X 8W6

The Western Spiritualist Church of Universal Brotherhood Society (UBSC) is Registered Canadian Charity BIN 892631045RR0001.

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