Our People

UBSC Ministers are ordained and registered in BC to perform marriages.   They are also available for counselling, healing, weddings, unions, naming services, memorials, end of life services, and dedications of all kinds.   

Mary Brooks

medium | minister | healer | teacher

778-574-8368          ​email Mary


Reverend Mary Brooks was drawn and inspired to begin her training in spirit work over 25 years ago, leading her to this church where she serves Spirit and ourselves.


Mary says, "As a minister, it is a pleasure to serve the spiritualist centres.  As a medium, I know that messages help us to understand that life goes on, to release the fear of death and know we are not alone as we journey through this life."

Reverend Emerita
Anna Beveridge

medium | minister | healer | teacher

778-397-8330            email Anna



Reverend Emerita Anna Beveridge was ordained in 2005 after five years of study under Reverend Emerita Joyce Tarvin.  Anna has devoted many years to her work as a minister and healer..


Anna expresses her beliefs by saying that, “All knowledge comes together when you work for your highest good so when I reflect upon my education and experiences, I can see there is a plan in place and I am delighted to follow my pathway knowing I am being gently guided every step of the way.”

Glenda McLeod

medium | minister | healer | teacher

604-505-1284               email Glenda


Reverend Glenda McLeod is very well qualified in many aspects of spiritualism and metaphysics. 

Glenda says,”I have a deep respect for the Spirit World and look forward to continuing to serve Spirit with my mediumship. I’d like to share my spiritualist philosophy with others, and pass on tools which will help empower those who join me on this magnificent journey.”

Our Board of Directors and Key Volunteers


2019 Current Board of Directors:


Minister, Society President & Program Director:                           Rev. Mary Brooks

Vice President:                                                     

Treasurer:                                                                                             Terri Einfeld

Recording Secretary, Online Presence, Membership:                

Director, Mini Readings:                                                                     Shera Rael

Director, Workshops & Circles:                                                         Ellen Brodie

Director, Facility Maintenance:                                                          Jim Joannette

Friday Evening Programs:

We strive to present varied topics of interest.  If there’s something you would like to hear about, please contact one of the Directors at the Church.  Volunteers at our events are critical to their success, so sign up for some fun as a helper at our next event! 


Sunday Hospitality:

Special kudos to our long-time volunteers for all their hard work each Sunday!   



Membership is the life blood of this Church.  Members' participation and support is essential to our organizational goals and services.  As a member you are entitled to fee reductions on books, courses, and other events.  Download a Membership Form here.


We depend on our dedicated volunteers!

Do you have strong MS Office, Marketing, Social Media, Graphics or Publishing Skills?

Email Mary to find out how you can help!

486 East Columbia Street,  New Westminster,  BC  Canada V3L 3X5

The Western Spiritualist Church of Universal Brotherhood Society (UBSC) is Registered Canadian Charity BIN 892631045RR0001.

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