What is Spiritualism

Spiritualism is a Philosophy, a Science and a Religion

Spiritualism is a philosophy that supports a belief in a Divine Source known by many names often referred to as God

  • Spiritualists understand that we are spirit experiencing material life and we continue as spirit returning to the spirit world after the death of the physical body.   

  • Spiritualism is unique in believing that survival after death is provable through mediumship between the spirit and material worlds. 

  • Mediums are individuals who can bridge the gap between the spirit and the material worlds, bringing messages of love, and encouragement.

  • Healing is a sharing of the universal power of love. 

  • The services, events, and workshops at UBSC allow you to learn about the communication between the spirit and material planes, expanding your horizons and can transform the way in which you view yourself and the world around you.

The Seven Principles:

  •  Spiritualism has no Dogma or Creed...

  •  What we offer for your own interpretation are the Seven Principles of Spiritualism as presented through the mediumship of Emma Hardinge Britten (1823--1899) received in a message from the spirit of social activist Robert Owen (1771--1858).

  • The original principles were revised to modernize the language keeping the original intent. Concern re gender expressions and simplicity were motivating factors.

The revised principles:

  1. The Divine Source (known as God)

  2. The Unity of Life

  3. Communion and Communication with Spirit

  4. The Continuous Existence of the Soul

  5. Personal Responsibility for All Thoughts, Words and Deeds

  6. Reward and Consequence According to God's Natural Laws

  7. Eternal Progress Open to Every Soul

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